Jowar (Sorghum Millet) Puffs

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Are you thinking twice before switching to the traditional millets? Try out our cute, puffed version of millets. Just season them with a couple of daily-use spices and replace ‘Rice murmura’ with a healthier and tastier alternative.

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Still thinking before switching to millets or just started eating millets or an arid millet-lover? Don’t worry, Immunit’s Jowar puffs are going to suit you’ll. Made with zero oil and zero mixing of any other seed/grain, these puffs are here to become your favourite anytime snack partner. Just roast these puffs in a few drops of oil/ghee and season them available spices/any favourite masala.

Why eat Millet-based?
One of the oldest foods known to humanity, millets are highly nutritious, high in natural fiber, gluten-free and vegan. They are used for cholesterol, sugar, and weight management. They have been grown and eaten for millennia in Africa, Asia and India. Millets are hardy and can grow even on poor and dry soils.

Jowar/Sorghum millet

About Immunit
We take pride in achieving consistent and premium quality for all our products so that their wholesome and natural goodness can be enjoyed by all our customers. Our products are packed with greatest love and attention, meeting the highest standards of quality and hygiene.

Our practices motivate hundreds of farmers and cooperatives to adopt traditional and healthy crop-growing practices resulting in a self-sustaining farming community and also reduce the stress on the environment and its exploitation. In fact, a greater demand for millets can and does help farmers sustain their livelihood during droughts and when other crops fail.


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