Cough Bullets


Are you tired of cold/cough? Don’t think much. For centuries, cough troubles have been treated traditionally – without the present-day’s chemical syrups/tablets. Our traditional Saunth-Gud-Kesar Goli – fondly named ‘Cough Bullets’ is here to treat it from its roots.

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Tried various ways for cough/cold relief, but in vain? Don’t worry, Immunit’s traditional way of cough relief ‘Cough Bullets’ or Saunth-gud-kesar goli is here to treat it from its roots. Use atleast 1 cough bullet daily for best results.

Dry Ginger, Jaggery, Saffron, Turmeric, Clarified butter

About Immunit
We take pride in achieving consistent and premium quality for all our products so that their wholesome and natural goodness can be enjoyed by all our customers. Our products are packed with the greatest love and attention, meeting the highest standards of quality and hygiene.

Our practices motivate hundreds of cooperatives to vouch for adopting traditional methods of food processing, generating direct and indirect modes of empowerment and financial independence in rural pockets of our country.


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